ScaleCutter Water Treatment System


The ScaleCutter Water Treatment System contains an NSF certified drinking water additive that effectively controls mineral scale deposits in plumbing systems and water-fed equipment.


Unlike standard polyphosphates, ScaleCutter is specifically formulated to work in high-temperature / high-hardness environments providing unparalleled mineral scale prevention and corrosion control.


ScaleCutter protects equipment by the following processes:


ScaleCutter sequesters (binds) with scale-causing minerals making them more soluble in water thus reducing the chances of precipitation as hard mineral scale.


In the event that scale causing minerals do precipitate out of solution, ScaleCutter prevents mineral scale accumulation by distorting the shape of the scale crystal so that it cannot build up on itself.


By combining with scale-causing minerals, ScaleCutter provides corrosion control by forming a protective micro-thin glass-like lining on wetted surfaces acting as a deterrent to corrosion and scale.


Overtime, ScaleCutter will also help soften and remove existing mineral scale deposits.


ScaleCutter is utilized in a solid block cartridge form, exposing to the water a predetermined fixed surface area, from which accurate feed rates can be predicted. ScaleCutter Systems provide effective scale prevention and corrosion control for various applications at a fraction of the cost and maintenance of other technologies. As a ‘threshold treatment”, The ScaleCutter System is based on water usage and flow rates, not water hardness, so there is no added expense with harder water. When the cartridge has dissolved, it is replaced. A quick glance at the translucent housing indicates when cartridge replacement is needed – no electricity, drain lines, maintenance or guess work is required.


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