ScaleCutter Application and Installation Guidelines.


Residential - The ScaleCutter unit may be installed on the water line feeding the whole home or just prior to the tankless water heater.   Consideration of where to place the ScaleCutter unit may include location of main water line and location of the tankless water heater.  The main benefit to placing the unit on the whole home is the unit will provide mineral scale control for the entire plumbing system as well as other appliances including the dishwasher and ice maker.  Placing the unit on the whole home will however deplete the scale control cartridge sooner.  In a typical household of 4 persons, a cartridge may last roughly 8 -10 months on the whole home where if placed just in front of the tankless heater, cartridge life may extend to 12-14 months depending on water usage.


Commerical – The ScaleCutter unit is usually placed on the water line just feeding the tankless water heater.  For  multiple heater configurations, please consult your local supplier to discuss alternate installation options.


What to expect.

On a new home application, there will be no existing mineral scale build up in the water heater or in the water lines so the ScaleCutter unit can be applied without any preventative measures.  If the tankless water heater has been installed for a period of time and has had issues with mineral scale deposits, it is recommended to delime the tankless unit prior to installing the ScaleCutter system.  The ScaleCutter system will slowly dissolve existing scale and may cause issues downstream of the tankless unit if not delimed prior to installing the unit.  In homes that have accumulated mineral scale deposits in the plumbing system, installation of the ScaleCutter system may cause periodic clogging of faucet and shower screens due to the slow removal of existing scale deposits in the plumbing system.  This will decrease over time as the mineral scale is dissolved and the homeowner may experience and increase in water flow and pressure over time as mineral scale is removed from the plumbing system.


What to do.

Unlike a water softener, the ScaleCutter unit does not require frequent maintenance like the addition of sale to a brine tank.  The unit will eventually require a cartridge change as the product is depleted.  The cartridge level should be periodically checked to ensure it is not completely depleted and is in fact going down over time.  A simple glance at the cartridge through the translucent housing is all that it takes to monitor the usage.  If helpful, placing a small piece of tape on the housing marking the product level will ensure it is being dispensed correctly.  If the product is not being depleted, refer to the installation instructions for how to clean the cartridge feed holes.


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